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 ​​June Events

                                    Tuesday   June 2  -  Lunch Ride cancelled - Rain

                                    Tuesday  June 5 -   Business meeting 7:30 members only 

                                    Sunday  June 9  -   Mystery Ride hosted by John Harris details to follow.                                                         

                                    Tuesday June 12  -  Social Night   6 to 9 at the club. Guest welcome

                                    Wednesday June 13 -  District 6 Meeting Blue Comet MC / Dinner 6:30 pm


                                      Sunday June 17 -  Club Breakfast from 8 to 11  Guest welcome                                                                                                 

                                    Tuesday June 19 - Social Night  6 to 9 at the club. Guest welcome 

                                    Tuesday June 26 - Social Night 6 to 9 at the club. Guest welcome

                                    Saturday June 30 - Mystery Dinner Ride Public welcome details to follow.                           






Saturday July 4  - Fireworks at Bob and Sonya Eicholtz home details to follow

Saturday July 15 - Margaret Moul Charity 9am to 2pm contact Steve Dixon for details                                         Saturday July 28 - Club Picnic hosted by Bob & Nora Farrell 




About Us

​​In the Early 1940’s the York Motorcycle Club was known as the Motor Squadron Motorcycle Club. In 1948 the name was changed to the York Motorcycle Club and became one of the early pioneer members of the AMA holding charter number 107. Early Business meetings reflect similar goals of what the club still has today. Over the years the club held AMA sanctioned events such as flat track races which were held from 1959 to 1994 at the York Fair Grounds. The club also held and poker runs along with many different types of charity events.
About the motorcycle on the pole. I know it’s a Harley but were not strictly a Harley club we have all brands of bikes, it’s not what you ride as long as you ride. The club has given out an award over the years to a member who rides 10,000 miles or more a year. In the past we have had members who have rode over 40,000 miles in a year more than once. We have our own motto Ride To Eat And Eat To Ride like a lot of other clubs. One of the York Motorcycle Clubs goals is to interact and help support other clubs by attending their poker runs and different types of events.

​​​York Motorcycle Club

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